High-End Custom Hardware Company

Over 30 years of experience
Focused on Impeccable Service

We bring more than 30 years of experience.

HY company specialize in manufacturing High-End Custom Hardware for handbag, shoe, belt, purse, accessory, as well as leather goods industry.

The strategic vision is to become the most favoured brand of the industry in all relevant markets.

We offer products to its clients that set the standards for quality, design, durability and service. This corresponds to the guiding principle.


We make high-end quality product hardware.

It is achieved by combining function, expertise, style and value - always with sustainability in mind.

Our company focuses exclusively on the aHY brand. HY stands for long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, good relationships with clients nd suppliers, as well as an employee-oriented corporate.
HY has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1985 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, clients, suppliers.

We provide a full service by assisting at all levels of the development process, from our in-stock hardware to developing customized goods including locks, zipper pulls, buckles, closures, fittings, logo plates and more. We work with our clients through the entire process to develop a product that works best for their business and provide exceptional clients service.

 Good reason for choosing HY


We have over 30 years of experience and strive for high-end quality as we promise not to consider any compromises when it comes to quality and durability.


Provide an actual sample which reflects the client’s needs from design sketch, technical drawing to 3D graphic modeling.


Leading technology combined with extensive experience makes excellent results of our products.


Pursuit for the outstanding result with expertise, responsibility and prompt shipping as reliable as enough to get a plaque of appreciation from one of our clients we have.

Client Service

Provide Lifetime warranty to repair or replace a product which has developed a fault as soon as possible to satisfy the our clients.

 This is how we work in pursuit high-end quality product.

Technical specifications will need to be provided for a custom piece to be developed. May include a physical sample or drawings, detailed description. The information will be advise on metal options, minimum requirement.
Based on communication with the client, we will review the custom piece in our factory and provide a technical drawing, 3D modeling for the client approval. And the price, mold fee will be quoted.
Once the client approves the custom design, the factory will begin the sample process which takes minimum 3 days to 3 weeks depends on the individual design. We provide mock-up which is a full scale prototype model for demonstration, design evaluation purpose before build molding. We are one of few company in the world which especially offer this process to the client. Precision is the key to develop the new custom piece to be perfect.
When the sample is complete, it is sent to the client for approval, once approved, the order is placed and production begins.

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